Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fwd: Life and Death

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From: John Hemington

Attached are two, again eclectic, articles.  The first from Scientific American, unfortunately, was not read by a sufficient number of folks prior to the election as it is perhaps the best and most frightening description of our 45th president I have yet encountered (h/t Paula Lim).  If this doesn't make you even more nervous and chilled than you already are, you must have anti-freeze running through your veins.  

The second discusses one of America's many recent failures both from the standpoints of the neocons running the State and Defense Departments and from the rational believers in freedom and justice – the U.S.'s funding of terrorist mobsters to overthrow the Assad regime in Syria.  For all of politicians' rants about fighting terrorism in the world, there is no question, in my mind at least, that United States has incubated, funded and supplied 99% of the terrorists in the world, either directly or through proxies such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Pakistan.  This will be the lasting memorial of all U.S. administrations from Regan through Obama – and almost all of it done at the behest of Israel in a successful effort to destabilize or destroy all of the independent nationalist nations in the Mideast and Africa.



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