Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fwd: Something eclectic this evening

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From: John Hemington

So much is happening and so little time to digest it all.  Attached are three distinctly different articles with no common theme whatsoever.  The first is a typically excellent post by Jim Kavanagh of The Polemicist discussing the situation in Syria as it relates to Russia, the U.S. and our fervent financial support of al Qaeda and al Nusra terrorists in that country – and how it has thus far backfired on us.  The second is an interesting article dealing with political parties as team sports and why, to quote the author, "It is important that we see through the charismatic character, that we analyze the practices rather than embrace the platitudes.  Americans tend to become so fixated on their particular "team" that we cannot root out the negative elements imposed by "our" political players.  This is an important point if we are to make any real progress moving forward.  The third article exposes a critical real-time right now crisis which we will all be facing before we realize it – the crisis of "clean" water availability.



  • Syria article in PDF

  • Team Sport and Politics article in PDF

  • Clean Water Crisis
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