Thursday, January 12, 2017

Welcome to attend this evening, mindfulness training

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From: Richard King

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An Invitation to Attend a Mindfulness Training Workshop for Parents, Students and Staff
Thursday, January 12th, 6:15pm - 7:30 pm

St. Edmund's Academy Auditorium
5705 Darlington Rd, 
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

St. Edmund's Academy PTA will present a workshop introducing mindfulness training exercises for parents and children.  Mindfulness exercises reduce stress and support academic success.  Mindfulness practices are life skills that promote health, wellness, resilience, emotional stability and habit change.  Because these exercises build self awareness, calm, and impulse control, they can also help cultivate resilient individuals, families, and communities as they improve self management and communication skills.  

Managing stress is a life skill.  We'll review what stress is and some techniques for managing stress.  We'll practice belly breathing, the awareness response, mindful breathing, and body scan exercises as ways to activate a physiological state called "the relaxation response."  One goal of the workshop is to support parents and students in developing a personal routine daily practice.  Health and emotional wellness both benefit with daily mindfulness routines.  Practicing these mental hygiene skills may be as important as daily hygiene, physical exercise, or the use of seat belts.  Hopefully these wellness skills will become family traditions that will last a lifetime. 

Please rsvp to Dr. Richard King at with "Workshop" in the subject line.

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