Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Fwd: The Trump year

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From: John Hemington

The first attachment poses an interesting question, how long can Trump last.  This is not the only commentator to suggest this and I believe that it is a fair one.  It is pretty clear that the Republican hierarchy doesn't much like Trump, but they do like Pence a lot.  It is also clear that the intelligence community doesn't like him at all as he is the first president since John Kennedy to threaten to reduce the size of the CIA (Kennedy threatened to eliminate it) – and we know what happened to Kennedy.  On the other side of the picture, it appears to me that Trump may well be a brilliant strategist.  If you haven't noticed he has managed to get virtually the entire media talking about nothing but the size of the crowd at the inauguration and the number of "illegals" who voted for Hillary.  There is almost nothing being said about what it is that Trump is actually doing to us and this may be an accident of hubris and narcissism or it may be fully intentional.

The second attachment dwells on just what kind of a country do we want this to be.  This is an important question and one which I'm not certain enough of us have pondered for some time.  Perhaps now we will all be forced to.


  1. Impeached or two terms?
  2. What is a country for? 

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