Monday, June 05, 2017

Fwd: War without end . . .

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From: John H

Sometimes it seems that we have somehow traveled into a far future of dystopian absurdism and are trapped in an endless repetition of mass insanity, only to discover that this future is our present – a present too awful to be believed.  

Most Americans are simply unable or willing to grasp the fact that the United States has become the evil empire that we are constantly told is a threat to our very existence.  Unfortunately, it is all too true that the U.S. has, in fact, become a threat not only to our continued existence, but to the existence of every human on the planet.  Our propensity to wage war against anyone and everyone who displeases us, or threatens to sell their oil for Euros rather than for Dollars, or operates a stable regime in the Middle East or Southeast Asia, or a freaky, paranoid regime on the Korean peninsula or wherever we might decide our corporate interests are threatened by national interests other than our own has become virtually unlimited.  

We have senior military personnel and political leaders who are convinced that we can (and should) win a nuclear war with Russia and China since it will certainly insure our domination of the earth forever more.  This is insanity and we are riding the cusp of a wave of political narcissism that seems for the moment to be unstoppable.

Attached are two articles examining some to this madness which I strongly urge you to read.


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