Thursday, June 01, 2017

Fwd: When will we ever learn?

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From: John H

In times like these it should be exceedingly difficult for Americans to look one another in the eyes and claim to be proud of our nation – just as it should be for the country folks of our NATO allies.  We live in terror of terrorists who inflict relatively small, but still painful and unnecessary, casualties on our population base; while we (and our allies) inflict massive damage and enormous levels of civilian casualties on the homelands of most of those we fear so greatly.  It was particularly true in the case of the Manchester bomber, a known Islamic radical, who was, along with many of his cohorts, given free range by Britain's MI5 intelligence agency to move freely through Europe, North Africa and the Middle East in order to disrupt the Libyan government of Quadafy in the name of revolution onto which NATO joyously joined in order to trash and dismember a stable North African government, much as was done in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, now Syria and soon, if reports can be believed, Iran.  And, it is important to note that we have failed to bring "democracy" or even anything remotely resembling it to any of these nations – instead we have brought continuing chaos, death and destruction. 

This, many have said, was the goal all along.  Israel has long desired its projected enemies in the region to be destabilized and rendered impotent – and we have done that in spades.  Saudi Arabia and the other Sunni kingdoms desperately want to destroy and Shia opposition in the region and we are dutifully following their "orders" by providing billions in weapons, training and direct intervention.  Of particular importance, it turns out, is the regional instability we have caused for the benefit of military contractors and arms dealers, not just in the U.S. but also in Britain, France and Germany.  War, as it has always been, is a major profit center for these folks and never ending war is like having a birthday every day of the year – celebrate, celebrate the killing continues as the profits mount.

The two attached articles take separate routes to demonstrate this ongoing absurdity funded and fueled by the U.S. and its NATO followers.  John Pilger explains the blowback which was Manchester and Robert Fisk, perhaps the best war correspondent of our time, explains why Islam is not the violent religion it has been characterized as in the mainstream media.  And both point to the use of propaganda to keep the whole process producing death and profits.



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