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Fwd: 13 tools and spreadsheets of 2017

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A few cool software tools I started using in 2017…

1. Process.St: All of our core internal processes run in It's great.

2. SERPWatcher: We use this to monitor our rankings and SEO goals.

3. Clubhouse: To track and plan all of our development stuff

4. Full Page Screen Capture: I build my email and landing page swipe files with this.

5. Trip Mode: Kills internet to certain apps to make sure nothing is hogging it.

A few cool tools Videofruit built in 2017…

1. DripScripts: Quit writing email sequences from scratch.

2. One Click: Get 40% more partner webinar registrations.

3. Don't Hit Publish: Confidently write better emails, blog posts and sales pages.

4. Agent: Find your next speaking gig in 30 seconds.

5. SmartBribe Pro: Get more shares and traffic to your content.


A few cool spreadsheets Videofruit started using in 2017…

1. Profit Tracker: Each day our bookkeeper updates our profit numbers so I always know where we are at.

2. Goal Setting: What the team uses to log their daily and monthly goals

3. Sales Planner: How we project and plan for promotions and content


What cool tools and spreadsheets did you come across in 2017?

Hit reply and let me know!


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