Thursday, December 21, 2017

Fwd: Mixed bag

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From: John H

It's very near the holidays so a very merry chug of holiday cheer to all who read this!

Attached are two very different pieces, but both worth reading – particularly if you are one of those tempted to invest in bitcoins for Christmas.  It is now pretty clear that the current bitcoin frenzy is mirroring the Dutch tulip bulb bubble in the 1500's; so, if you elect to proceed, do so with great caution and be prepared to lose a great deal.

The second article is particularly important for those who still believe that the mainstream media provides accurate reporting when it comes to Russia and the U.S. activities in and toward Russia.  It is written by Mark Ames, the founder and editor of the The eXile an ex-pat satirical news sheet and Matt Taibbi published in Russia during the Yeltsin years and into the Putin years when it was shut down by the Russian government.  Ames wrote is as a defense of his integrity after he was demeaned in a 'hit piece' by Kathy Lally, a reporter for the Washington Post, in the Washington Post, years after the supposed events took place.  It is important because Ames provides an interesting inside examination of the types of reporting done by mainstream journalists operating out of Moscow during those years.  It is worth a good look.

Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year to all and to all a good night.



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