Thursday, December 14, 2017

Fwd: Start &Turn Clinic @ Chatham University on January 6th

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Dear Middle School Swim Team & Parents,

Chatham University's Swim Team coaches will be holding a Starts/Turns Clinic at Chatham pool near the end of the Ellis Winter Break, and I'm forwarding information for those of you who may be interested to attend!

It is for Grades 5 through 8, and will go from 12:30 PM - 500 PM.  The cost is $40.00, and registration is here:  Chatham Start and Turn Clinic.

They will cover open turns and flip turns, forward starts, backstroke starts, and relay takeoffs.  I haven't worked these as much into our workouts as much as I'd like due to our limited time in the water, so this is a great opportunity to dedicate time to these skills which really merit full periods of concentration.  The Clinic will be instructed by Head Coach Carter Crosby and great coaching staff.  Coach Carter has been a big supporter of the Ellis team and has been a mentor to myself in many aspects of coaching, so you're going to get good stuff!

This is an "off" weekend for Allegheny Mountain swimmers, so there are no AMS meets going on that weekend, and it's during the Ellis Winter Break, too.

Thank you separately for those of you who have expressed interest in practicing through the Winter Break, and please stay tuned for more word on that.

Ok, stay healthy, and see you all on deck,
Coach Ed

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