Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Fwd: 5 Ways to Make Real World STEM Connections

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1 Connect to Student Interests 2 Connect to Student Experiences 3 Demonstrate Work & Life Skills 4 Connect to Current Events 5 Create Images of the Future
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5 Ways to Make Real World STEM Connections

1  Connect to Student Interests

"Do you have a favorite sport or hobby?"

 Connect to Student Experiences

"Have you ever gone to a pro sports game? What do you think it took to set up the rink/field/court?"

 Demonstrate Work & Life Skills

"Who's working behind the scenes in sports? Are they using any STEM skills to do their jobs?"

 Connect to Current Events

"Are you following any pro sports this winter? What interests you about them?"

 Create Images of the Future

"What careers exist in sports off the field or rink?"

Are you making these connections in the classroom?

Hockey Scholar can help make these connections for you:
Hockey Scholar leverages highly interactive gameplay and the sport of hockey to connect STEM to the real world. Through self-assessing digital activities, students are exposed to foundational STEM concepts, scientific thinking and career exploration.

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