Monday, February 26, 2018

Fwd: More on Russiagate

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From: John H

I realize that I have sent out numerous missives concerning the so-called 'Russian attempt to destroy our democracy'. However this has become the political scandal of the decade and it warrants as much clarity as possible. The sheer volume of McCarthyite paranoia that has accompanied this mainly media manufactured mania is almost beyond reasonable understanding and it has almost totally overwhelmed any rational discussion of far more important issues with which we are all confronted. The disturbing thing is that there appears to be no there, there. Any in-depth examination of the facts, including Muller's indictments of thirteen Russian Trolls working for the IRA (Internet Research Agency) in no way establishes any kind of effective distortion of U.S. 'democratic processes' (this assumes, of course, that the U.S. really does have democratic election processes beyond the chimera of voting); nor does it establish any real connection with the Russian government. Whatever it is, it is not as one Congressman asserted the equivalent of Pearl Harbor or 9/11. As far as anyone has been able to determine, contrary to mainstream media panic attacks, whatever these trolls did during the 2016 election, it had no impact whatsoever on the outcome.

It is, I believe, extremely important to look at what really happened from a different perspective and the attached articles do just that. It is also vitally important that, whatever the Russians might have done or might do, be examined against what the United States has been doing for the last seven decades in the way of interfering in the elections and political stability of other nations around the world – including Russia. I have argued repeatedly that we Americans cannot form any reasonable opinion about 'Russiagate' in the absence of assessing our own liability and responsibility for establishing a basis for other nations interest in subverting our processes and practices. The sad fact is that the United States is rightfully no longer regarded as 'a shining light on the hill' or even as a good neighbor and partner. When surveyed, most of the world regards us with fear and disdain, listing the U.S. as the most dangerous nation on earth because of our long history of committing murder and mayhem all around the globe. Contrary to popular belief here in the U.S., we are neither exceptional nor admired – just feared.

It is extremely difficult for those of us raised on the belief that our nation was a good nation. A nation endeavoring to promote positive values, democracy and assistance to other nations not so blessed as ours. But sometimes it is necessary to take a step back and reconsider just what it is that we have become before there can be any hope that Americans can once again regain control of the handles of power to attempt to force our nation to bring real and meaningful change in this country – change that will permit other nations to see us as a valuable partner in making the entire planet a safer and more reasonable environment for all peoples. All of us are now facing a global climate catastrophe and yet all the U.S. is doing is engaging in ever more wars of aggression, which are by international rules we established following World War II, international crimes for which our leaders could and should be condemned to death. But we, of course do not recognize the International Court of Justice when the crimes involved are those we commit. Such is the terrible state of this nation at this sad time in history.

Please do read the three articles in the two attachments. They are very good and reasonably thorough. Two by Paul Street which are somewhat long and one by Eleanor Goldfield. Also, for those of you with no aversion to strong language, please watch the episode of the Jimmy Dore Show on this subject which is linked below.



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