Sunday, February 25, 2018

Fwd: Russian election meddling

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From: John H

Watch this brief 4-minute video the next time you are tempted to become hysterical about Russian interference with the 2016 election by trolling Facebook and Twitter on social media.  U.S. interference goes back way further and has been far more destructive and bloody than anything Russia has ever attempted.  Furthermore, our interference has virtually always been in support of fascistic right-wing dictators working hand-in-glove to support American corporate interests in the impacted countries.  And, don't forget our direct involvement in supporting the takeover of post-Soviet Russia by our puppet Boris Yeltsin as well as our direct support of the overthrow of an elected government in Ukraine (of course it was corrupt, as is the government we helped to replace it with).  We need to worry about the interference we can actually control, the interference our government continuously employs to make "our world" safe for corporate and financial exploitation.  And, remember, the incidences shown in the video are but a small fraction of our interventions in other nations' political processes.


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