Friday, July 31, 2009

PDF of Water Polo Handout. Feel free to post far and wide!

Play & Learn Water Polo
Practices & Game Play

Begins August 10, 2009

Day Time Practices:

M-F, 11 AM to 12:30 PM, outdoors, with Citiparks & Ammon Rec Center, 2217 Bedford.
Cost $0.


Evening Practices:

M-F, outdoors, for 3 weeks at Jewish Community Center, Monroeville.
Cost $50 for swim team kids. $75 for adults non JCC Members. $10 per day.

Attend what you can, one or both. On site registration or call or online RSVP.

Boys, Girls and Adults welcome.

Clinics geared to rookie players, but like an All-Star Team. Instruction, drills, skill development, conditioning, game situations, tactics, scrimmages, a DVD, plus a friendly test match / competition. Get new respect for this Olympic sport, team-play and friends.

Sat, Aug 29, Friendly Test Match at IUP vs. The Lawrence School, a Prep School in New Jersey.
Four expected games: Varsity boys, Varsity girls, JV boys and JV girls.

These open, community clinics, both Citiparks and JCC, are coached activities. No need to be from any specific school. A water polo team is starting at Schenley High School this fall.

Organizer: Coach Mark Rauterkus - 412 298 3432,

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Great news about a new sport for Schenley!!