Friday, July 31, 2009

Water Polo comes to Citiparks and YOU are needed as a player

This could be you starting next week at a Citiparks Pool, Ammon Rec Center, from 11 am to 12:30, Monday to Fridays.
Summer isn't over yet. You'll get into better shape for fall sports or else keep the stamina you built in the pool from the summer training.
We need players. We've got the pool, the goals and desire to have community water polo begin in earnest. This is a real outreach for engagement and the success of this summer's program can go a long ways to getting more kids fit, into productive activities and opening more opportunities at our pools elsewhere.


Mark Rauterkus said...

They made me play water polo in high school gym and I like to have drowned. I’ll pass—PA.

= = =

Mark Rauterkus reply:

We'll give you some floaties.
Or, we'll have you play with the kids who live on The Hill and are not up to swimming just yet -- and we'll hold our games in the shallow end.

But, no pressure.
Thanks for the consideration.

= = = =

Wow, what a great idea. Too many poor kids never even learn to swim. It’s also good to see libertarians doing good in the community (we are not a bunch of selfish freaks, except for the hard-core Randians). But, I don’t think I can justify coming from Wyoming to participate.

deegazette said...

Mark, fyi...while in my forties I got my Level I swim card at the Brookline Rec pool. I just thought you'd be proud of me. I had taken swimming class at CCAC before but was too busy being class clown for all these non-English speaking foreigners in the pool to get anything out of it. They all liked me though, especially when I would sing (dadadadadadaaaa, dadadadada...) the theme from Hawaii-5-O. I would do this very loudly as we warmed up in fast walks across the shallow side. Best of luck with this endeavor, but I do miss your regular posts.