Monday, July 13, 2009

A family birthday ends in tragedy, when a little boy ends up in trouble.

Las Vegas: 4-year-old drowns during family pool party

The four-year-old ended up under the water at the Camden Bel Air apartment complex, near Gowan and Tenaya, on Saturday afternoon.

The little boy had been celebrating a sibling's birthday with family and friends, before he was found at the bottom of the complex's pool.

According to Metro, everybody had just got out of the pool for lunch, but nobody saw the 4-year-old go back into the pool.

"This is known as a silent death. We don't hear the splashes. We don't hear the screams. We don't hear the cries," said Lt. Ray Steiber, with Metro Police.

Adults by the poolside dialed 9-1-1 after the boy was found unconscious.

CPR was unsuccessful on the young child. He was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

"It's really sad. This has gotta stop. Enough is enough, how many kids have gotta die before things change," said Cameron Azgar, who lives near the pool where the child drowned.

The 4-year-old is not being identified at this time.

Metro spent most of Saturday afternoon interviewing witnesses who were nearby at the time of the drowning.

This marks the seventh child drowning in Las Vegas so far this year. Last year's total was seven for the entire year.

Metro says the only way to stop this startling trend is constant supervision.
Constant supervision is necessary. But, same too, instructional swimming for everyone. Boys and girls age 4 can swim. That's young. But, it is possible. And, with the swim instruction comes the lessons of being safe, of screaming for help, of respect for the water.

Learning to swim is a public safety issue. And, getting those lessons to the kids is the duty of all of us.

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