Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Folly of City Council

I posted at PghComet.blogspot.com this comment:

Just as Doug Shields did in his fight to pull the plug on the Curfew Center because it was NOT part of the 5 year plan and would have to cost too much, $.5M in 2009, -- so goes this chapter.

The Curfew Center should go away because the laws are discrimination. It should NEVER BE illegal to be alive and out.

Doug Shields should have moved to take the curfew laws off the books -- and then we'd have no need to have a $.5 M per year Curfew Center Boondoggle.

Likewise with the ZBA, Shade Tree Commission, Planning Goobers, and the other dozens of rubber stamps that are woven through the authorities and commissions and appointments in this town.

The Zoning Board is a huge problem. The board is stacked now. I'd move to NUKE it.

I like the older approach finally championed by Alan Hertzberg. He came around to the idea in his last seasons. ELIMINATE the URA.

But no. Bill Peduto wants to create a bigger government -- with the arrival of the stimulus overlords.

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