Thursday, July 16, 2009

Told ya. Come on people. Let's get together already.

I asked weeks ago for a decision about closing schools and the school district for the days and week of the G-20. Close the schools, throughout the district, for three days, W-Th-Fri. Let everyone know now. Get out of town.

I asked / told weeks ago that South Side's closed South Vo Tech High School be put into use for feeding the security workers. Allow all the police to go there for cafeteria food, around the clock. The G-20 folks can buy it. Overflow can go to the Market House too.

Furthermore, South Side's Stadium / Cupples Field, could be used as a detention site. Football games that week should be played on WPIAL sites.

Furthermore, it might make good sense to keep the Rodgers Middle School kids out of downtown, not only for this week -- but forever. It was always a bad idea to send dozens of yellow buses downtown twice a day to transport the middle school kids to CAPA as a 6-12 grade school.

Asked about the possibility of school closures, Mr. Berdnik said, "I don't think we have a firm answer on that yet." Ms. Fischetti said she'd heard no discussion of closing all district schools.

District officials confirmed that the first lady's office had inquired about the possibility of an event involving the district, but they declined to elaborate.

The school board Wednesday will vote on spending $10,000 to provide G-20 training to district security officers. Mr. Berdnik said the training will help the district enhance security at schools near the summit and anticipated protests.

"I would not underestimate the impact of this event," Mr. Berdnik said, noting summit planners might ask to use closed schools as dormitories for out-of-town police or for other purposes.

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Michelle Obama should speak at Schenley / Pittsburgh International High School. That's the place she is expected.

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