Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Angry Drunk Bureaucrat points out that a box of rocks is Pgh's City Council President

The Angry Drunk Bureaucrat: "City Government watchdog group, says that 'A Box of Rocks provides the intellectual leadership that Council deserves.'
So, yesterday's vote on Pittsburgh City Council that flipped away from Theresa Smith and to Darlene Harris for the role of President was none other than Darlene herself.

Another interesting point is that Bruce Kraus was all for Bill Peduto. Peduto is a 'progressive.' I'm fine with that support. Bruce stated his intentions in the paper that he'd be voting for Peduto because the president of city council needs to be one who can be mayor should that be necessary. But in the end, Bruce Kraus voted for Darlene Harris so: Bill Peduto could be finance chair; a non-progressive could be president of council; another person from the North Side gets to lead the city's executive branch and the city's legislative branch as well as the county's executive branch; cats, dogs and smoke eaters rise in status; and Bruce Kraus gets out from the chairmanship of Public Safety and can now be the chair of Public Works. Bruce Kraus followed his marching orders and helped to insure a 5-4 unity vote.

Most of all, I'm sad that Bruce Kraus isn't going to be the chair of Public Safety. I had thought he had a great role there, for the past two years. His experience and wisdom with dealing with PFAs and other police matters are now shrunk. Public Safety was a good fit for Bruce, I dare say.

Furthermore, Urban Parks was a great fit for Theresa Smith. I had hoped she'd stay in that role too. Now she jumps to Public Safety. Double rats. Park's got no appointment on day one making it on the back burner again. Before Theresa Smith was the chair of the parks committee, Patrick Dowd was there. He did nothing in that role. Zippo. I watched, asked, pushed, suggested, pulled, challenged and more. Moss grew on Dowd in his Park's Chairmanship more than anything else. The Park's Department kept up with its ongoing efforts throughout, and since the time of Gene Riccardi, with no thanks to its council chair. Citiparks is well practiced -- to use a cook's illustration -- at making chicken soup with only chicken shit for ingredients.

So, I tweeted yesterday, "Who is going to be the chair of the Urban Parks & Recreation Committee?" I even had hopes that Theresa Smith could be voted as City Council President and yet still hold on to the chair's seat for Citiparks.

Today, we can ask again, "Who is going to be the chair of the Urban Parks and Recreation Committee?"

Patrick Dowd at Rec Chair has experience, kids, moss on the chair and some egg on his face.

Rev Burgess is keen on parks, or at least I've seen him at one in the past. Parks are more soulful, spirited and peaceful than the URA, generally. The parks don't need to be lonley places.

Daniel Lavelle, rookie, might get the parks post so he can earn his stripes and gets taken down a few pegs. We might get to see if he can pluck feathers off of some urban, free-range chickens or not.

Who knows?

Rocks grow in parks, right?

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