Sunday, January 17, 2010

Former Pitt star DeJuan Blair stands tall as an NBA rookie

Former Pitt star DeJuan Blair stands tall as an NBA rookie: "Just one week after Pitt was eliminated from the NCAA tournament in March, Mr. Blair decided to leave school two years early to begin his professional basketball career. After he plummeted to the second round of the NBA draft in June, there was much debate as to whether he made a mistake, but he has zero doubt that he made the correct choice to pursue his dream.
'I just sit back in the house. I just think, man, I made the right decision,' said Mr. Blair, who earned All-American honors at Pitt last season after a celebrated high school career at Schenley. 'It's just wonderful. I feel so blessed"
I went to the Schenley basketball game on Friday night at home against Perry. The home team lost, but it was a fun game to watch. If you want to go to a Schenley game, get there early. The gym is small. Seating is only on one side. The place fills and then no others are permitted into the gym for good reason. Show up when the JV games are played.

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