Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A few predictions for a new prep decade - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Sports predictions:
A few predictions for a new prep decade - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "Let's try to predict what will happen in the next 10 years:
» The biggest off-field threat to high school sports will be in 2013, when school districts will be obligated to at least double their contributions to employee pension funds.Taxes will be raised accordingly, and taxpayer-citizens groups will be screaming loudly. You can bet that cutting minor sports in various school districts will be a priority for such groups.
» What will become of small schools such as Leechburg, Springdale and Elderton? Unless additional funding streams are established — such as putting video poker machines in bars, newsstands and convenience stores — small schools will find it more difficult to stay open.
» Look for the City League and the WPIAL to merge. After Schenley closes in 2011, only eight schools will comprise the City League. That's too small for the City to have its own PIAA district.
» Installing artificial turf has been all the rage in WPIAL football the past 10 years. What's next? Schools could be installing video replay boards like Pine-Richland has."
Schenley High School is going to go away. But, U-Prep, Sci-Tech and B.O. High are opening. Perhaps Peabody goes away too?

But, all along, I've been a big fan of putting the city league into the WPIAL. This needs to be done well. It will take some years. But, it can occur and should be a priority so that more families don't move out of the city.

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