Monday, January 04, 2010

Solid list of new year's resolutions

I resolve to persevere in the struggle for freedom that many Americans have undertaken tirelessly, and in some cases have given their lives for.

I resolve to thank Libertarians who amplify their voice for liberty by running for office.

I resolve to congratulate Libertarian candidates who win their races, and thank Libertarian candidates who did not win but helped to spread the Libertarian message and to lay the groundwork for future Libertarian wins.

I resolve to thank Libertarian volunteers who help the Libertarian Party and our candidates in whatever ways they can.

I resolve not to forget that Republicans voted for the banker bailouts and Medicare expansion, and that Democrats voted for the Patriot Act and the Iraq War.

I resolve not to be fooled by "independent" organizations who say they want to "take back government for the people," but who really just want to use government power for their own purposes.

I resolve to keep the Libertarian Party door open for those who have worked through other organizations to promote liberty, but decided they might get a bigger bang for their buck working through the Libertarian Party.

I resolve to contribute financially to the National Libertarian Party, and to at least one state and county affiliate, and to at least one Libertarian Party candidate.

The next two, I've changed:

I resolve to vote for Libertarian candidates whenever it makes sense to do so.

I resolve to keep reminding people that every signature that helps to get a Libertarian or other minor-party candidate onto the ballot makes a difference.

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