Sunday, January 24, 2010

Join John Sullivan from Defective by Design at the Apple 'tablet' launch in SF.

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On Wednesday, Apple's having a launch at San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts for what everyone is calling the iSlate or iPad -- a tablet computer based on the iPhone. The company who once announced to the world that they opposed DRM on music has been pushing DRM in every other area of their business -- and we're here to tell them enough is enough. Come help create the counter story in the media -- take photos, talk to the press, and have fun with a little bit of theater to show that Apple is not the force for creative expression they claim to be.

Can you imagine a world where the same restrictions of the iPhone and iPod touch are applied to your laptop or tablet PC? That could very well be Apple's announcement on Wednesday -- their latest restriction.
We'll be there to warn the public and the media outside the event about Apple's support for DRM and proprietary software. We got through to Steve Jobs before on music DRM, and convinced iTunes to drop it. We know we can have success here. But we need to repeat that effort and show that DRM on Apple computers means that people who are actually interested in creativity and freedom will go elsewhere.

We'll post the precise time and meeting location for our group next week -- since Apple's event starts at 10am, attendees will be showing up at 9am, and we will want to be ready and outside the Theater by then to hand out flyers and talk to people.

John Sullivan, a veteran of our anti-Apple protests, will be there representing the FSF and coordinating the
action. Please join John, and bring friends. Let us know you're coming by replying to this email.

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