Monday, January 31, 2011

Apples to Apples. Go figure

(posted by me at another blog in a thread about the SI article about Aliquippa.)

Think again.

The PIAA and high school sports are NOT about districts, but rather about schools (for classification only) and teams from schools and athletes from schools. The district is not REALLY a factor in athletics.

I am not mixing the apples and oranges -- nor making bad analogy defenses.

Team to team comparisons are what matters in sports the most, then it is school to school. District to district, not so much.

As per talk of ALL OF THEM -- as in All Schools -- then talk about the LEAGUES, the WPIAL, the District VIII, the PIAA.

"Do you think you are fooling someone?" No. Do you?

Teachers do not NEED to be faceless. It is a choice. Anonymous is fine. Posters don't need to be bullies either. What you surmise and what I do are different. BTW, I surmise that you are him too, but just with a different handle, again.


Apples = students;
Apple bushel buckets = teams;
Apple trees = schools;
Apple orchards = leagues;

One orchard (DVIII) is right in the middle of another orchard (DVII = WPIAL).

The school district could be represented as various farmers with certain choices of fertilizers, ambitions and options. Some farmers might only have one apple tree. Others a few. Farmers would also have other realms to care for (say oranges, livestock, etc.).

Competitions in HS sports are among student to students and among teams to teams. That's apples to apples and bushels to bushels.

An orange, go figure, could be a musician -- or -- a student in a calc class -- or -- some fully different asset to a farmer.

The head farmer, say Farmer Lane, could choose to focus 100% of the efforts on the chickens, a stable of horses and other fields and gardens and leave the apples to their own -- out of sight, out of mind. Ripe, rot, no worries.

Meanwhile, we're still waiting for you to deliver some analogy and any value for moving the conversation in the wake of the SI feature.

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