Tuesday, January 04, 2011

WordReport 1.0 release and introductory sale

ANN: WordReport 1.0 release and introductory sale

I'm happy to announce the 1.0 release of WordReport. This library lets
your LiveCode stacks crank out MS Word and OpenOffice reports of any
kind: business documents, contractor invoices, real-estate flyers, mail
merge, product catalogs, software data reports, educational worksheets,
band concert posters, customer service letters, or whatever else you
dream up. (In fact, the demo stack includes sample code and templates
for three of those scenarios.)

You create a formatted template with data insertion tags, save it, and
then insert your data from within LiveCode to create reports. WordReport
is self-contained and doesn't need any word processing software to
create reports, but you'll need MS Word or OpenOffice to create the
templates. The demo stack will get you off to a quick start exploring
capabilities, and a friendly User Guide explains everything.

The library handles images as well as text and has other advanced
features such as loops and optional context marking. It handles Unicode
and as a bonus, in addition to the unlimited formatting in your
template, you can include basic styles within your export data for extra
emphasis on the fly. It does headers and footers too. And tables. (And
number formatting with commas if you need it.) Everything you need to
make customers and clients happy with great-looking reports, while
improving your own back office workflow too.

To celebrate this release (finally!) I'm offering WordReport on sale at
a very special introductory price for 10 days. Get it while it's low!
This is a power tool for saving time and producing great documents in
all kinds of practical scenarios.


(A hearty thanks to the beta testers also. And for those interested in
news about WordOut, the export library, a beta has been available for
some time, email me if you wish to try it. I'll be finishing it up as
time allows, and as promised, those who purchase WordLib at full price
before the WordOut release will receive an export library discount.)

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy
WordLib: Import MS Word and OpenOffice documents

WordReport: Template-driven MS Word and OpenOffice reports,
from invoices and worksheets to catalogs and mail merge

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