Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fw: [ooo-announce] The Community Announces the Release of OpenOffice.org3.3

* 3.3 Ready for Download*

--Free Productivity Suite Used by More than 100 Million Now Includes
Enterprise Features--

Hamburg, Germany, 26 January 2011--- The Project today
announces the release of 3.3, which includes features and
improvements addressing current and future user requirements, regardless
of scale. Stepping into a new arena, 3.3 brings to
enterprise users, both in public and private sectors, improved
compatibility with Microsoft Office, spreadsheet and presentation
enhancements, and superior security and collaboration options. A full
list of what the Project's Community have accomplished can be found at
<>. 3.3 marks a milestone in the suite's maturation. Ten
years after the Project was initiated, the suite has grown from being
the "free alternative" to the default and even preferred choice for the
more than one hundred million who have come to value the quality,
reliability, and extensibility of the application, as well as the
flexibility given by the the suite's file format, the OpenDocument
Format (ODF), the leading open standard for office documents.

To download 3.3 for free: <>

There is a lot that is new and enhanced in 3.3. But not
least, it is also simply faster, both in startup time and in overall
operation. Some of the of new elements include:
* embedded standard PDF fonts
* new document security and collaboration options
* provisions for one million rows in a spreadsheet
* new options for CSV (Comma Separated Value) import in Calc
* ability to insert drawing objects in Charts
* improved slide layout handling in Impress
* a common search toolbar

Andrew Southworth, Network Coordinator, Canadian Labour Congress, wrote,
"It's never been just about the savings. The Canadian Labour Congress
selected in support of what it does and how it goes about
doing it. It's the full support of the ODF that frees us from committing
to any one vendor. And it's the extensions, the enterprise elements and
the open-source code that gives all those we represent and work with in
Canada, from schools to hospitals to libraries to private sector
corporations the freedom of real productivity — without being locked
into a particular company's vision of how you should work. Saving money
on software is great. But, with its support of the ODF,
is more than about the bottom line. It's about the freedom to choose the

A full guide to new features is available at
<>. The security
bulletin with full details of the potential vulnerabilities fixed is at
<>. is fully supported by the worldwide Community and by
professional companies, both large and small. Oracle proudly continues
the sponsorship of the Project building the application and welcomes
contributions from all.

* Press Kit: <>

* The Case for <>

** Contact
Peter Junge (UTC +08h00), Beijing, China Marketing Project Lead
pj @

- International Marketing Contacts:

The Project is composed of an international team of
volunteer and sponsored contributors who develop, translate, document,
support, and promote the leading open-source office productivity suite,®. The Project, sponsored by Oracle, spans the globe, and
its community includes members from all sectors. Thanks to the efforts
of the Community, software may be downloaded and used
entirely free of charge for any purpose, private or commercial. All are
encouraged to join the Community and participate in the making and
promotion of the suite and file format. software uses the OpenDocument Format OASIS Standard
(ISO/IEC 26300), as well as supporting file formats used by such as
Microsoft Office, and is available on major computing platforms in over
100 languages. software is provided under the GNU Lesser
General Public License version 3 (LGPL v.3). It offers all users the
license of using what works and working with what's there, all for free.

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