Sunday, January 30, 2011

Interesting doping theory about a cyclist suspension

Posted on the Supertraining public list and worth repeating as a theory.


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I don't know how much information about the Contador case got through to the US. But here's the rumour from Europe.

First of all, Alberto Contador was found to have very low levels of clenbuterol in his blood. The amount found was 400 times less than what a WADA accredited lab must be able to detect. It is strange that a lab used such an accurate and expensive test. Unless they had a reason.

Anyway, that's what he was accused of.

He then claimed it was a very low dose (true) and he got it from eating tainted beef that was wrapped in plastic. This was either given to him as a gift, or a cook bought it on the local market. Both explanations are highly unlikely, but what's interesting is the explicit mention of the plastic wrap.

The most likely scenario is this. Contador was using micro dosages of clenbuterol early in the season during training. Also he was tapping his blood to be used for blood doping later in the competition. Perhaps they had the blood tested but it wasn't flagged because of the low levels.

Riding the Tour de France he used this blood. The lab initially didn't find the clenbuterol. What they did find however were plasticizers in his blood, a sure evidence of blood being stored in plastic bags and injected in his bloodstream.

So now they knew he was dirty, but they didn't have anything to charge him with, since this test was not accepted by WADA.

That's when they turned around and took a closer look at his blood. And that's when the low levels of clenbuterol were found.

To me, this is a very likely scenario, because it explains why Contador mentioned the plastic wrap of the meat, and it also explains why the lab would use a test that is 400 times more accurate than required.

Johan Bastiaansen of Hasselt, Belgium
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