Thursday, January 13, 2011

Meeting with the Black & White Reunion / Summit Against Racism, Jan 22, 2011

School Reform's next challenge: Sports

Pittsburgh Public Schools has been planning changes among the sports opportunities for city students that could include a move away from the "City League" and enter into the WPIAL. Mixing the schools, programs, teams, players and fans from the urban with the suburban counterparts can make interesting competitive and racial realities more visible on a day to day basis, should this occur. Is there the political will and vision to overhaul sports in the city schools?

Mark Rauterkus, a parent and member of the PPS Sports Reform Task Froce, has been a long-time advocate for community sports. This year Coach Mark ran water polo for PPS Summer Dreamers and volunteers as the AM swim coach for Schenley HS Boys. His swimmers set state records in four states (including PIAA and WPIAL records). He has coached NCAA Division I teams for 8 seasons.

Michelle Porter, an engaged parent and PTO leader at PPS schools, is a serious sports fan with two emerging star basketball players, a boy in 9th grade and a girl in 6th. She works at CMU and has keen perceptions after being to thousands of gyms throughout the region.

Invited Scribe: Jake House, PPS Administrator in charge of PPS Sports Reform Committee. Jake moved to Pittsburgh to tackle this issue on a full-time basis.

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