Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Controller: City has $13M for projects

Folly. Folly times three. Pittsburgh has folly in a tiny size, folly in a medium size and folly in a massive size. The problems of the three bears and Goldilocks is nothing next to our woes. The ebb and flow, the diversity, the maddness. STOP THE MADNESS. WHERE's MARTY GRIFFIN?
Controller: City has $13M for projects

Pittsburgh Controller Michael Lamb on Tuesday estimated that the city has about $13 million for capital projects this year, a figure that puts him between a mayor who claims the city has nothing and council members who contend it has about $25 million.

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Go figure Scorecard:
* City Council = $25 Million
* City Controller = $13 Million
* City Administration / Mayor = $0

* Citizens = Duhhhh..... 

* OVERLORDS ICA = ______
* OVERLORDS 2 = _______

* Citizens = Duhhh ..... squared.

So, these folks with office on Grant Street, and this time the talk is only about the elected ones, not those that were appointed as OVERLORDS, can't agree on addition and subtraction. This is not rocket surgery. They are off by tens of millions of dollars with three different voices. These problems happen when smoke and mirrors is part of their tool bag, cause "If I had a hammer," was confiscated by the OVERLORDS.

This smells. Pittsburgh's typical confidence comes into question. So, people who are free to invest their assets into a place don't want to be in the choke hold of those who can't even agree upon an understanding of the value of money.

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