Friday, April 01, 2011

Those are not ghosts at Bakery Square's hotel, they are ground floor union workers

But the URA needs to know that the joke is on us.
Bakery Square Haunted?

Bakery Square, the transformation of the former Nabisco Bakery plant in Larimer, has received much national attention for its LEED Platinum achievement, and is now making national headlines again.

Guests at the Spring Hill Suites Marriott have been complimenting the hotel manager on the touch of home provided by the smell of fresh baked cookies and cookie turndown service.

“The hotel is really beautiful, and the smell of fresh baked cookies reminds me of my grandmother’s house,” said hotel guest, May Smith. “Boy could I go for one of her chocolate chips now.”

Other guests are confused by the tiny flour footprints found in the hallway, saying it looks as if a group of ghost elves have been up to some nighttime mischief.

“Look, I love cookies and all, but I don’t want some group of ghost elf bandits breaking into my room and stealing my underwear,” said hotel guest, Sherman Oaks.

Hotel Manager Kee Blur says he’s not sure what the guests are talking about. “I have never instructed my employees to leave out cookies, nor have I seen these supposed footprints. Although I have been getting anonymous complaints that our tredmills and other workout equipment isn’t pixie friendly. Whatever that means.”

Concerned for the safety of the guests, developer Walnut Capital has taken action and contacted the guys from Ghost Adventures, suggesting they investigate the situation.

Yeah, April Fools.

But, the development deal from Bakery Square allowed the 'air rights' to the site to be without the need for union workers. So, the ground floor sits vacant with big posters on the windows. That's what doesn't smell right.

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