Friday, April 08, 2011

Meet the four Dem Party candidates for nomination for Pittsburgh City Council, District 3. March Debate Videos

From my camera to your brain, thanks to the efforts of the South Side Community Council and the Brashear Assocation, from March 2011.

Each of the 12 parts has the replies from the four candidates, with one miss due to a different camera angle need. The order is mixed among the four with each question.

My opinions are being curbed in this blog post.

Hint: The Viddler video server software is especially valuable as mini-notes can be put into the video along the timeline button. But, to leave a note, you'll need to use a Viddler account and log in.

Part 1: Opening statements:

Part 2: Two problems, quality of life, and realistic solutions:

Part 3: Proposed Neighborhood Improvement District, NID:

Part 4: Saturation of bars on the South Side and the failed attempt to restrict them:

Part 5: Cooperation and relationship with the mayor's office:

Part 6: Cooperation with East Carson Street Business Owners:

Part 7: Best asset of the South Side and its protection:

Part 8: South Side Slopes and Flats distinctions:

Part 9: Parks plans:

Part 10: Bad boy city employees:

Part 11: Keeping tax incomes in the South Side:

Part 12 and conclusion:

Your comments are welcome as part of this blog posting, or at, or best of all, within the timeline of the videos. Click the bead that scrolls along the horizontal timeline and insert your tidbits. Then those remarks show up for others to see as they watch.

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