Thursday, April 28, 2011

One people, one movement, freedom for all

Those were the words of patriot and filmmaker Aaron Russo. Aaron
set brush fires in the minds of millions in 2006 when he released
his final film "America: Freedom to Fascism." There is a very good
chance that you may have seen that film.
One of the lasting legacies of that film was an organization he
co-founded with Gary Franchi known as "Restore the Republic." We
lost Aaron to cancer on 2007 but today that organization lives on.
RTR provides patriots, from all corners of the political spectrum,
a place to congregate, share new ideas, organize actions, or just
simply keep in touch with each other.
It's been 5 years since the film's release, so I'm emailing you
today to invite you to come back and visit our new website. Come get
acquainted with old friends and ideas that are still working
everyday to make this nation a greater place for our children.
Here is the link to sign up and get started:
If you're already active, log in and say hello with this link:
Thanks for taking the time to read this email. I look forward to
seeing you at our new online home at
Forever in Freedom,
Gary Franchi
RTR National Director
PS. There are over 14,000 videos and 7,000 blogs on the site, each
packed with important education on a variety of issues that you may
find relevant. The links to them are on the front page of the site

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