Friday, April 22, 2011


The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania announces that economist Bill
Still will be the speaker for the April 30 Liberty Banquet, the
highlight of the 2011 Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania State
Convention, which will be held at the Quality Inn and Conference
Center in Franklin, PA on April 29 and 30.

Working in conjunction with Nobel Prize winning economist Milton
Friedman in 1996, Still produced and narrated the highly acclaimed
documentary, The Money Masters. It predicted the economic events that
are just starting to befall this country.  Along with his more recent
work, The Secret of OZ, Still offers a unique perspective not only on
what has caused America's economic woes but how we can solve them.

His work in the field of economics has been endorsed by Milton
Friedman and by the libertarian-leaning Congressman Ron Paul.

An acclaimed economist, Still has written 22 books on subjects ranging
from health to music and even a 7th grade history book that is used in
many schools today.   Additionally, this enthusiastic and talented
former newspaper editor has been published in many newspapers and
journals including USA Today and OMNI Magazine.  He is also known for
producing a syndicated radio program, Health News.

The Liberty Banquet is open to the public.   For more information or
to reserve tickets, contact Jim Fryman at (814) 432-4275 or Vance Mays
at (814) 437-9236.  To register for the Libertarian Party of
Pennsylvania annual convention, visit

Erik Viker, Media Relations
Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania
3915 Union Deposit Road #223
Harrisburg, PA 17109


Mark Rauterkus
412 298 3432 = cell

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