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Fathers deserve some extra credit from city schools

Fathers deserve some extra credit from city schools: "Fathers deserve some extra credit from city schools"
Then comes the five comments from the other article, linked to from the New Pittsburgh Courier:

Better Leadership

written by Evans , June 06, 2011

The bottom line is Linda Lane is scared of her shadow. This superintendent has been too busy mananging risks and retrenching programs to think about innovative ways to better our district. This district supposeldy prides itself on implementing evidence based practices, so how in the world is cutting out a day that brings thousands of parents into school buildings across the district for the good of our children? Research shows that students with engaged parents do far better than than those who's parents aren't enagged (like we needed research to know that). So why the fear Dr. Lane? Why not figuire out how to capture that energy and turn it into a positive for the schools? Invite men into help with cerical work, ask us to come in and read to the students, etc. Set up a system for more of us to get clearances...we'll pay for it just help us through the process. This is poor thinking from a leader who should be fixated on bolstering student achievement. Stop being scared to innovate Dr. Lane. Save our children's futures and invite us into the process.

Fathers get no respect.

written by Robert W. Flanagan, June 05, 2011
73% of black families are made up of single mothers, WOW. About 21.5 million children have never seen or know who their father is. Pittsburgh is number 2 in having the most families with single mothers and we are moving up the list in having the most young black murder. These facts alone should scare us in trying to have father's include in our kids lives. I have went to many different graduation from Wilkins burg, Penn Hills and Westinghouse and the bottom line is the lack of black men aka step fathers, real father or just black men as role models there at the graduations. With major cut backs and education being put on the back burner, why is it that issue the main topic? The Pittsburgh Promise is prime example, with young black women graduating at a all time high, young black men are either drop outs, incarcerated or DEAD, so who does the Pittsburgh Promise benefit. Most of our young black men are on the corner looking or selling drugs to older black men, but we want to criticize the bring a father to school day. This is the reason I say that older black men (fathers) and older black women (mothers) are having problems, we are so divided. The nerve to say that why don't mothers have a bring a mom to school day, we all know how mothers involved, so the need for this day is essential, important and necessary. We need to stop arguing with each other and look out for the best interest in the kids. Just this week Shaquille O'Neal retired, he is working on his Doctorate and thanks no his real dad, but his stepdad, DADS can play a role in kids life. As a dad i am appalled with these comments and you are just feeding into the stereotyped that black men have to dead with. Why is being a good father so hard??

written by ellima, June 03, 2011

This is a great program and I hope it will continue, in spite of minor obstacles.

Big Ball of Confusion!!!!

written by Renee Aldrich, June 02, 2011
If what Superintendent Lane says in her letter is true, that there is no participation from these dads at any other time of year, and that they are not involved in their children's school/education/activities at school any other time; (and 5000 of them participated this year) her comments alone seem like justification to HAVE THE DAY.. that is if school administrators' teachers, and counselors REALLY believe a father's role in a childs education is important. and REALLY WANT TO SEE THE CHILDREN BENEFIT. I BELIEVE rather than complain about THE DAD'S lack of participation at any other time throughout the year and use it as a reason to 'attack' this event that brings them out--Perhaps they should look to adding MORE DAYS for dads. Yes, I suppose it isn't easy..Uhh so what, do the work it takes to manage all those issues you are concerned about, like custody, and whatever. I'd also like to add at the same time, i feel it is ludicrious and over the top that Board Member Brentley would recommend a 'day for moms'. Excuse me, did he not start this because Dads were overlooked in so many aspects of their children's lives??? This entire matter is very confusing. You got the superintendent lambasting the day for bring out all these dads, because they don't participate any other time; and you got the gentlemen with the foresight to start this ball rolling because fathers don't get the forums that moms get, now trying to add yet another level of capacity for 'moms'. Something is turning quite convoluted with this... it really is

written by Undisclosed, June 02, 2011

Sounds like some bull to me. There must be to many of them showing up, they probably thought that these kids fathers didnt care and wouldnt be there, now its a problem.

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