Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Share the road

I would like to thank the local media for the immediate and continued coverage with respect to the two cyclists who were hit by a coward driving recklessly on Memorial Day. This driver's lack of action is reprehensible: Rather than be a responsible citizen, the driver chose to leave the scene of an accident without learning if the cyclists were injured or dead. Seemingly, the driver did not much care.

Motorists have a "privilege" to be on the road and are "required" to share the road with cyclists. Before yelling obscenities or writing letters to the editor, please familiarize yourself with the PennDOT Drivers Manual. Chapter III, Page 46 confirms that a "bicyclist has the same rights, privileges and responsibilities as you."

I understand there are plenty of bike riders who are not obeying the rules of the road and they give a bad rap to cyclists who do obey the law, just as a driver who mows down two cyclists with no apparent regard for their lives gives a bad rap to motorists.

Cyclists, please respect drivers and ride safely; use appropriate hand signals, be courteous and visible.

Drivers, please remember that cyclists have the same rights as other motorists and the obligation to follow the same rules of the road. Also, it is "illegal" to force cyclists off the road. I know some people like to see how close they can come to hitting a cyclist, but remember, that person also has family and friends, and I am fairly confident you do not want to kill someone because you think he or she is in your way.

Let's all remember that cyclists are not going anywhere and are increasing in numbers. Both camps need to understand and respect the rights of each other. We need to ride in harmony.

Western Pennsylvania Wheelmen

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