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Fwd: RenewPittsburgh: Deloitte Impact Day in Sheraden and Esplen, Friday June 10th!


Dear friends:

We are very pleased to announce that RenewPittsburgh is joining
forces with Deloitte in managing their annual IMPACT Day this Friday,
June 10th.  We have been working over the past few months with
residents and community leaders in Sheraden and Esplen, and have
organized a dozen
exciting projects for 350 Deloitte volunteers to make a lasting impact
in these great Pittsburgh neighborhoods.

Sheraden Community Coffee Shop (future site), 1009 Adon Street
Sheraden Skate Park, Tuxedo Street
Sheraden Swimming Pool (reopens June 16th), Adon Street
McGonagle Field, end of Allendale St.
Sheraden Senior Center, 720 Sherwood Ave.
Schaeffer Intermediate School, 3128 Allendale Street
Re-Paint Boarded-Up Buildings, Sheraden
Real Estate Appraisal, Sheraden
Esplen Vacant Lot Conversions, Esplen
Goodwill Plaza, 612 Hillsboro Street
West End Library, 47 Wabash Avenue
Sheraden Library, 720 Sherwood Avenue

If you would like to volunteer this Friday, please contact
RenewPittsburgh at 412-404-6630 or email me at

Best regards,

Kevin Acklin
Executive Director

350 Deloitte Volunteers to Converge on Sheraden and Esplen June 10

June 10, 2011 – Big 4 accounting and consulting firm Deloitte LLP
will help give Sheraden and Esplen an extreme makeover on June 10 by
spearheading 12 community service projects for the west-end
neighborhoods in the City of Pittsburgh.

About 350 Deloitte volunteers will help create an upscale
community-based coffee house in the heart of Sheraden, help usher the
re-opening of the Sheraden swimming pool, refurbish a neighborhood
little league park, convert vacant lots and re-paint vacant
properties, and provide  consultation and recreational activities to
senior citizens, among many other efforts.

It's all part of IMPACT Day, Deloitte's national day of community
service.  Across the country on June 10 about 35,000 Deloitte
employees will support more than 800 non-profit service projects in 70

"Instead of holding different projects across the entire city, we
chose to focus our efforts into one community, which will have greater
impact," said Bob Denove, managing partner of Deloitte's Pittsburgh
office, who noted that last year the office focused on the South Side.
"We feel our efforts can start the process of creating long-lasting
change to Sheraden and Esplen, communities
that are rich in culture and history to Pittsburgh."

In planning its IMPACT Day approach for Pittsburgh, Deloitte
teamed up with RenewPittsburgh, Inc., a non-profit organization
working to revitalize the city's neighborhoods.

Executive Director Kevin Acklin and his team worked for several
months to engage the community and help Deloitte plan a series of
projects that could produce the most benefit to Sheraden and Esplen.

"We appreciate that Deloitte is being strategic with its
community service efforts, wanting to contribute to projects that can
increase the quality of life for residents in the Sheraden and Esplen
neighborhoods," said Acklin.  "At a time when we are focused on
improving volunteerism in our city, it's also revealing that Deloitte
is donating both manual labor and their skills as
business consultants and advisors – it underscores that companies have
a variety of ways to give back to our city."

All projects are being guided by the leadership of City
Councilwoman Theresa Kail-Smith, the Sheraden Community Council and
the Sheraden Kiwanis Community Foundation.

With the Sheraden Community Coffee Shop project, about 40
Deloitte volunteers will refurbish the exterior of a run-down
structure as part of a broader effort to transform the building into a
community-based coffee shop.  The effort will be in conjunction with
Project Coffeehouse, a non-profit agency working to enliven
neighborhoods by launching coffee shops as a place to foster
and business development.

At Sheraden Swimming Pool, 25 Deloitte employees will repaint and
provide landscaping to the parking lot, in anticipation for a June
16threopening after being closed for several years.

At McGonagle Field, volunteers will paint the dugouts and
bleachers and repair the fencing in getting the facility ready for
Sheraden's little league baseball team.

And in demonstrating the range of Deloitte's approach to
volunteerism (brawn and brains), about 25 Deloitte business advisors
will provide free financial consultation to residents of Sheraden
Senior Center, including advice related to taxes and estate planning.

Another 40 Deloitte professionals will also conduct a detailed
assessment of houses and real estate properties in Sheraden, ranking
each property according to its condition.  The information will help
real estate agents in promoting home and business ownership in
Sheraden while giving the City of Pittsburgh a list of unsalvageable
properties to be demolished.

IMPACT Day Fact Sheet

IMPACT Day is an annual celebration of Deloitte's year-round
commitment to volunteerism.
This year marks Deloitte's 12thAnnual IMPACT Day.
On IMPACT Day, all of Deloitte's 50,000+ personnel are
encouraged to participate in about 800community service projects in
more than 70 communities. Each volunteer project is organized by local
Deloitte personnel to meet the needs of the nonprofit it supports.
IMPACT Day is unique among corporate volunteer days in that, in
addition to doing lots of traditional volunteerism, we also offer the
skills and innovative thinking of our people to help nonprofits deal
with their strategic, operational and financial challenges.
Approximately one-third of Deloitte's IMPACT Day volunteer
projects are skills-based and require business knowledge. We also
participate in traditional, hands-on volunteer activities such as
painting and beatification projects.

About Deloitte
As used in this document, "Deloitte" means Deloitte LLP and
Deloitte Services LP.  Please see www.deloitte.com/aboutfor a detailed
description of the legal structure of Deloitte LLP.


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