Thursday, June 09, 2011

Rs in PA have it wrong. Prevention is too costly this time. Rather, make some efforts to punish the cheaters.

Sadly, the Republicans in Pennsylvania are pushing for this as a position plank:
Protect Voter Rights – Photo ID and Election Day Operations
We have taken active steps to restore integrity in the election process and prevent voter fraud by creating a dynamic rapid-repsonse team that can be dispatched to solve legal issues on Election Day and ensure that every vote counts, but only once. We also support "Photo ID" legislation which requires all voters to present government-issued photo identification at the polling place.
Here is a case where it is a ton of work for the prevention and only ounces for the cure. The age old twist in logic happens.

Catch a few of the cheaters and toss them in jail for 10 years.

There is next to nothing done when folks scam the system of democracy. If you get caught voting twice, go to jail for 10 years. If you put names onto an absentee ballot that isn't yours, go to jail. If you get dead people to sign nomination papers for candidates to get onto the ballot, go to jail.

Fraud in the voting realm is never punished and seldom caught.

Start with this simple measure: Point those red-light cameras and security cameras that are watching bridges and airport travelers and have them view the voters enter and exit the polling places. A simple security camera that they use at 7-11 or in a school can be obtained for election days. All that video can be put into the public domain. Then people will think twice about going into multiple places to vote.

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