Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fw: You're Right. AT&T Is Wrong.

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From: "Timothy Karr," <>
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2011 16:15:49 +0000
To: Mark Rauterkus<>
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Subject: You're Right. AT&T Is Wrong.

Free Press Action Fund

Defeat AT&T's Lies: Donate Today

Dear Mark,

You were just dissed by AT&T.

After tens of thousands of Free Press activists told the FCC to oppose AT&T's takeover of T-Mobile, one of the company's top lobbyists had the gall to tell the media that our opinions don't matter.

Can you believe it? Nine out of every 10 people commenting to the FCC are against the mega-merger, and the higher prices and lack of choices it would force upon us. You have been so successful in protesting this bad deal that now AT&T is attacking you.

Donate $20 to help us convince Washington that you're right and AT&T is wrong.

AT&T has become so desperate to spin this merger as good for Americans that it's resorting to lies, bribery and deception:

  1. When pressed about the overwhelming public opposition to the merger, AT&T lobbyist Bob Quinn said, "It's not a public opinion poll," and that our comments don't matter!1
  2. AT&T has pressured not-for-profit groups that collectively receive $62 million in funding from the company to sign form letters in support of the merger, despite strong opposition from their members.2
  3. When Free Press confronted AT&T with indisputable evidence that the gobbling up of a competitor will result in fewer choices, not more, AT&T doubled down on its lie, claiming that we were "long on rhetoric and short on substance."3

It's clear that AT&T can't win approval of this deal by telling the truth. That's why it spent more than $200 million on lobbyists and campaign contributions over the years — to get Washington to look the other way and do whatever AT&T says.

This deception has to stop. I urge you to donate $20 to support our newest push to expose AT&T's lies and educate more people about the harms of this mega-merger.

Here's a glimpse of what we're working on:

Our online communications team is developing a video series lampooning AT&T's laughable distortions.

Our policy team is preparing a report to the FCC that extensively debunks AT&T's crazy claims about the benefits of this deal.

Our research team is uncovering the AT&T money behind the organizations that signed Astroturf letters.

Our web team is designing online graphics to explain how this merger would hand far too much control to one company.

We need your support to make it all happen. No contribution is too small. Already the media have begun to cast doubt on the deal and to question whether we should let AT&T become the gatekeeper to the mobile Internet.

By giving as little as $20, you can help us gain the upper hand.

Thank you,

Timothy Karr
Campaign Director 
Free Press Action Fund

1. AT&T claims that its FCC filing will stress broad support for T-Mobile merger, AdWeek:

2. "Is AT&T Buying Nonprofit Support for T-Mobile Merger?" Politico:

3. "AT&T Wireless: Less competition means... lower prices?" Consumer Reports:

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