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Fwd: Why LiveCode Community Needs You

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Open Source Needs You

Support LiveCode OSS

Why are we asking you to donate?

LiveCode Community is open source, and free. Maybe you use it to create apps, to learn coding, to teach coding, or just for fun. Perhaps you use it to get things done around the office, run little routines on the fly to solve problems, automate repetitive tasks... its uses are endless. It is powerful deep and rich software, and runs on 7 platforms. Creating and maintaining something this amazing takes time, money and highly skilled developers. 
I Love Using LiveCode
Why not fund LiveCode Community from the paid license revenue?
Approximately 6% of LiveCode users have a paid license. This means that 94% of the community is being supported by that 6% of paying users. It seems a disproportionate burden! We appreciate that many open source users are young people, students, retirees or not in a position to contribute. However, if even half of our open source users contributed just $10 from time to time, LiveCode Open Source would be vastly better funded. 
I'll Help Fund LC Community
What about sponsorship?
LiveCode does not have any big name sponsors, in the same way that eg CentOS or Drupal do. If you have connections with any big names that might like to sponsor us please do suggest it to them! In the meantime, we need you, the users, to fund the development.
Your Team Do Great Work
I funded the Kickstarter Campaign
If you contributed in 2013 to taking LiveCode open source - thank you. You helped to make this great software available to the world! 5 years on, we are maintaining the software, adding new features, providing a download service and producing documentation for users. All of this is an ongoing cost, so if you cared enough to contribute in 2013, maybe you can spare us a few more dollars from time to time to keep this great project running.
Let's Develop LiveCode Together
I contribute code
Fantastic! Thank you so much. If you are contributing code to the engine, the docs, or any other part of LiveCode Open Source, we absolve you from donating. Approximately 0.01% of you do this and we love you for it. However the reality remains that at least 90% of development work is still done by our fabulous in-house team.
Make a Donation to LiveCode OSS
Thank You
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