Sunday, July 22, 2018

Fwd: Why no protests . . . Why no concern?

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From: John H

So why is it, Paul Street asks, that there are no massive turn-outs and protests by liberal Democrats where U.S. War Crimes are concerned.  Why are there no protests concerning our direct and indirect support for the bombing murder and starvation of perhaps millions in Yemen by our wonderful ally Saudi Arabia?  Why are we so sanguine about the slaughter of thousands by our steadfast so-called 'moderate' Islamic allies in Syria?  Why no outrage about our fifteen years + of devastating war in Afghanistan and Iraq?  Why is the Democratic Party so head-over-heels in love with the military/intelligence/corporate contracting conglomerates intent upon extending empire at any cost to American in treasure and non-white foreigners in lives and devastation?  Why no criticism of Israel's repeated slaughter and near starvation by policy of Palestinians?  Can someone please help me understand how so many 'good, concerned' liberals are seemingly OK with these outrages?  And why do I keep hearing that if we just had Democrats in charge things would be different?  They haven't been and more of the same will change little.  And can you explain how you can keep praising this country as a nation of peace and democracy? 


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