Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gates Foundation awards $40 million to city schools

Gates Foundation awards $40 million to city schools: "'For us, it's the perfect partnership at the perfect time,' ...

As to the perfect time, well, there is no time like the present. Sadly, I've seen a lot of thing delayed because the timing is on the back burner. The overhaul of sports is pending -- delayed -- put off into the future because the Title IX audit is not done yet. But the audit was simply a ploy to delay. And the board allowed for an even longer time for it to be completed -- still not done.

Larger issues loom larger too. No sense in making investments into any 'drop out factory' now because we'll get to high school reform in the future. Rightsizing is just for the elementary school levels now -- except for Schenley and prior to that South Vo Tech. Let some others seemingly die of the vine, (Peabody, Oliver).

The kids don't wait well. We can't keep them as they are. They grow up fast. Delays of a year or three are tough if not impossible. Every day the schools are expected to serve them -- and it is impossible to do so when there are periods of sarvation.

On one hand, the changes are too fast. On the other hand, the changes are too slow. Here is the thing with Pittsburgh. To often, changes for the good, for the benefit of the kds, are on hold. They can't be considered now. They are something to think about in a couple of months. The meeting about those changes are on the back burner. Too much is on the back burner. Too much effort is spent to insure in-action on easy to fix elements until a sweeping reform can be hatched with consultant studies and outsiders to the rescue.

Fix it, internally, now, with the help of those on deck now. That's how I feel about the timing of a perfect partnership.

We should decide and then do it -- And get out of the way already.

Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.

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