Saturday, November 21, 2009

On the road again. Being thankful!

Going no mail for a while.

I won't be asking for money via the UK, even if I get mugged, as per the hacker that got my Facebook account a few months ago.

Details in comments.


Mark Rauterkus said...

Here is a sense of what we will be doing in England. Our cell phones aren’t going to work and we aren’t going to carry a computer on this short trip. So, if there is an emergency, put it in USA Today, I guess. Or, leave a comment here.

We will try to check email a few times, but don’t count on that.

We have people staying at the house and feeding the cats, of course.

Saturday November 21st
Pittsburgh to Philadpelphia leaving at 3:25 and arriving at 4:41pm (USAirways 3106)
Philadelphia to London, Heathrow leaving at 9:15pm and arriving on Sunday morning at 9:25am (US0728)

Sunday November 22nd
Hotel: Thistle Victoria Hotel, 101 Buckingham Palace Road, phone: 011 44 871 376 9038

Once we get settled in, we think we’ll take a boat down the Thames and see Greenwich (a marine village where Greenwich mean time comes from). To walk to the boat we’ll see Westminster Abbey and Big Ben (maybe Buckingham Palace on the way back). The boat will take us by the parliament buildings.

Fish & Chips!

Swim training too!

Monday November 23rd
We’ll probably take a walk around our area and then take a double decker tour bus for the day. Catherine gives a talk at 4 pm.

I’ll meet the boys at the train station around 5:30pm to catch our train for Cambridge. In Cambridge, we are staying at the Regent Hotel (phone 011 44 122 335 1470).

Our contact in Cambridge is David Baguley .

Swim again.

Tuesday November 24th
The boys will enjoy walking around Cambridge, swim, Catherine does scientist things and gives a talk at 11:30. Then we’ll meet up and take another train to Liverpool. (it actually goes back to London, where we change trains and head to Liverpool). We’ll get to Liverpool in time for the British Academy of Audiology President’s reception.

We are staying at the Staybridge Suites, 21 Keel Wharf (phone 011 44 151 703 9700) from Tuesday through Friday night. We’ll leave Liverpool by train to Manchester on Saturday afternoon.

Wednesday November 25th
Fun in Liverpool for the boys. Swim,
CP gives a keynote in the morning and then is a poster judge in the late morning.

Thursday November 26th
Fun in Liverpool

CP will attend most of the meeting on Thursday

Friday November 27th
We all have tickets to tour John Lennon’s and Paul McCartney’s childhood homes.

Saturday November 28th
We’ll spend the morning and early afternoon in Liverpool and then take a train to Manchester (it isn’t very far).

We are staying at the Airport Hilton in Manchester (phone 011 44 161 435 3000)

Sunday November 29th
We fly out at 10:55am from Manchester to Philadelphia (landing at 2pm) on flightUS0735. We fly from Philadelphia (leaving at 6:30pm) to Pittsburgh arriving at 7:57pm on flight US 1896.

Next time we go to the UK, we'll have to swim the channel.

Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome!