Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Their teamwork was absent

Rule one: Win by addition.

But, here is the rub in this election, as it was for DeSantis too.

Running mates.

Case in point: In the south neighborhoods, the Motznik sign was planted next to the Ravenstahl sign.

Neither Dok Harris nor Kevin Acklin had any running mates. Mark DeSantis didn't have any either.

The ones at the top of the ticket need others down the ballot. NEED em. Gotta have a team. A winning team would have lots of others with serious skin in the race.

If Kevin or Dok wanted to start a real movement, they would have had people with tight relationships within every school board campaign and in every city council race. Neither had any.

And as a final illustration to this point was a debate question. Kevin Acklin would NOT name one other person who would be in his administration.

Joint appearances are necessary. It takes two or more to tango.

In terms of teamwork (especially in a Pittsburgh political campaign), the opposition has a long way to go.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Typical day after election news:

Downtown Partnership suspends outreach program
Wednesday, November 04, 2009
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
The Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership is suspending its homeless outreach program due to budget woes.

The partnership launched its Safety Ambassador program in 2006 to stem panhandling and homelessness in the Downtown business district, but decided to stop the program this month, saving up to $100,000 for the organization, PDP President Michael Edwards said. The job cuts will affect four full-time and two part-time workers for the partnership, which is largely funded by a business improvement tax on Downtown property owners, and foundation and sponsorship giving.

The partnership is retaining the 10 yellow-suited workers in its Clean Team maintenance program.

Read more: