Monday, November 16, 2009

Plan for city schools could shuffle students again

Plan for city schools could shuffle students again The school board does not plan an immediate vote on the proposal, which DeJong based on enrollment projections and the maintenance needs of about 80 district buildings.
News flash. Few sign up in advance of meeting to speak of outrage about school closing -- so it seems from Joe Smydo. Meanwhile, there isn't a plan from the PPS about closing schools -- yet. The plan that was delivered a couple of weeks ago is from the consultants. The consultants don't close schools. The consultants talk about buildings, bricks, mortar.

Some serious flaws in the consultants plan make the lack of outrage understandable. There isn't news about who is signed up to speak anyway. A bigger non-news story has never been published.

I do have some things to say about our schools to our board, perhaps.

Where in the heck is the Title IX report from the consultant?

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