Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Can't Langley be turned into a City-Wide Magnet to focus on PUBLIC SAFETY? Let's call it Pgh Sci-Service Magnet, 6-12

Hi Board Member McCrea,

I think that there is plenty of merit to the plan championed by Pgh City Councilwoman, Theresa Smith, for PPS.

If the City of Pgh buys PCA/Greenway, then the city can put all the public service enterprises into that building and avoid paying more
than $1-M per year in rent. So, the city has the cash-flow to float such a deal.

Then the PPS sells a building for more than $1.

Then PPS can move the Pgh Gifted Center to another building, perhaps back into the Hill District, something central. That is a simple move.
Same too for staff training uses.

Then PPS can move the Greenway/PCA students and staff to another building -- such as Langley in part.

Langley HS can be a High School magnet, grades 9-12, for those that are interested in working and training and studies that are central to public safety.

Furthermore, Langley can be a 6-12 school with general education for local kids in grades 6, 7 and 8. It could be PCA as is, but in a
different home.

Then the HS kids can do projects and more with the city EMS, building inspectors, firefighters, police, and others that can be put into that building. The Greenway building and Langley are not far from each other for a high school student.

To me, a public safety focus for a magnet could be very interesting
for the students. Good for environmental studies, lifeguarding, CPR, First Aid, Biology, physics. I see advance sciences at that school so kids that want to take Pre-Med in college could get a leg up at this school.

Furthermore, the city firefighters and the city police who have to send their kids to private schools while residing in the city limits could then have a school to be stewards with the PPS faculty and administration. Those families are seemingly sending many of their children to Catholic or other private schools. If we make a good alliance with city workers and that school -- we could get more engagement in after-school offerings and other efforts to insure that the school functions with gusto.

I'd even suggest that the SCIENCE Department at Sci-Tech could be duplicated at this public safety magnet at Langley, if it is up to everyone's standards. Rather than Sci-Tech, the Langley could be Sci-Service Magnet.

Perhaps too, if there is room, the Citiparks Aquatics Department and other parts of Citiparks might be able to move into Greenway as well. If that was the case, and the city had a year-round swim pool, I would not be opposed to the selling off of the Oliver Bath House by the City of Pittsburgh.

From Frick-swim

Finally, on a different note, I think the name WESTINGHOUSE should be retained with the school. The blue color and the name Bulldogs are fine too. But by all means, don't rename the school away from the inclusion of the name, Westinghouse. Westinghouse Academy Blah-blah-blah is fine. But keep Westinghouse. In my humble opinion, the whole name switch from Schenley to Pgh Obama has been a real thorn in the side of the school and its students. Sure, each school has its own situation -- but Westinghouse is still at Westinghouse. It will
cause years of confusion to make a name change. That's the last thing PPS needs now, confusion and alumni disrespected so as to never offer
to engage again.

Wouldn't it be great to send a message that the city and the schools are working together on a venture for the interest of the kids and taxpayers.

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