Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fwd: IRS v. Benoit civil suit, or the government stealing my house suit

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From: Mike Benoit

For those who have been interested in my case where the IRS is stealing my home for taxes I don't owe, I am still in the house even though at the last report I was told to vacate in 40 days on July 29th. I have motions pending requesting a stay but the reason I am still in the house is the government forgot to list my mortgage holder as a party to be paid off at sale so they had to file a motion to amend the order which gave me this addition time. I am so glad the government is so incapable. They succeed by force alone.
I have learned much by studying other court cases such as the Lloyd Long trial, Vernice Klugman and Tommy Cryer's case just to name a few. I have also learned on my cases and this one is no exception. I have downloaded all the documents so far which total over 100 and I am willing to let them go out to anyone who is interested is studying them for a fee of 100 hundred dollars. Or you could get the first 20 for 20 dollars and then decide if you want more. This is basically covering my cost.
If you want hard copies there will be a mailing charge. If you are interested email me back or call me at 619-449-8540 <tel:619-449-8540> during the day.

412 298 3432 = cell

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