Wednesday, September 14, 2011

: Keep the pressure on Barnes & Noble!

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A few weeks ago, we asked you to reach out to Barnes & Noble about
their Nook eBook reader. Many of you did, and while Barnes & Noble
has yet to formally respond, we can continue to put pressure on them.

The current news is that Amazon plans to launch a color Android
device, much like the Nook color. If we continue to put pressure on
B&N, we can use this increased pressure from Amazon as a reason to
make the Nook a device for everyone, not just large book publishers.

Here's a selection of messages to Mary Ellen Keating at Barnes and Noble:

 "If I buy a book (be it an ebook or a hard copy) *I* should own it."
  -- Bryan Cuneo

 "This is not progress. Rather, it is an attack on society and on our
  rights."  -- Jason X. Self

 "If you use DRM, we will be forced to turn a blind eye to your
 products, and your company." -- Maki

 "I had considered purchasing a Nook until I read about the DRM. Now
 I won't buy a Nook unless you drop DRM. The device is usable, but in
 my opinion, hamstrung by DRM." -- L Mease

We've moved our blog post on the subject to our new Nook hub,

We've also responded to this blog post: <> -- where
someone claims certain books for the Nook are DRM-free. Once again, we
tried to get some answers out of Barnes & Noble on this, who told us
that only public domain books from Google Books are DRM-free, and any
books downloaded from Barnes & Noble have DRM.

In the meantime, if you haven't written to Barnes & Noble, please do:

* Do you use Twitter? Let @nookBN know that you won't buy a Nook until
 they drop DRM. To use Twitter without JavaScript, hook it up to your
 StatusNet or account!

* Tag the Nook Color and Nook on Amazon with
 "defectivebydesign". Don't forget to follow up your tagging with
 discussion in the tag forum --

* Email Mary Ellen Keating -- <> -- Senior Vice
 President of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs at Barnes &
 Noble, and ask Barnes & Noble to drop DRM from the Nook. Be sure to
 BCC us at on any emails you send!

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