Friday, September 23, 2011

Rob ponders: What should the legacy of the Igloo's demolition be?

- Forwarded message From: Rob Pfaffmann -

In 1992 Senator Ferlo was arrest at the demolition of the Syria Mosque
signaling the problem of anticipatory demolition (tearing a building
down before a new proposal is in place). It is still a parking lot and
Preservation Pittsburgh still fights when others run. What should the
legacy of the Igloo fight be?

While the Igloo will be gone next Spring, the MEMORY will not.

We will bring the issue of reform of planning and development policy
to every ELECTION CAMPAIGN and public forum.

We will root for TRULY transformative development of the Lower Hill

We will fight for TRANSPARENCY and reveal conflicts of interest:
Forbes Ave, The Strip, Teardowns, St Nicholas.

We will campaign for REFORM of Section 106/State History Code/City Code.

We will NOMINATE other key post war structures before they are theatened.

We will push to get the PreservePGH plan out of the shadows.

We will advocate for preservation as a key component economic
development and sustainability.

We look forward to a spirited and professional dialogue! Send us your
ideas, thoughts for reform and transparency!

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