Monday, September 19, 2011

A new website has been launched for the Pennsylvania Political Campaign Management Database (PPCM)

Contact:  David Lynn, President, DAL Services, Inc.

The new website,, is now the home of the PPCM, free
software to run political campaigns in Pennsylvania.

"Running for office should be free," said David Lynn, President of DAL
Services, Inc., the company that created the software.  "I hope that the new
site attracts more visitors and that more people download the software to
run their campaigns at the local level."

"The PPCM can import the voter file to track voters, and can file reports on
text files or paper acceptable to the Pennsylvania Department of State,"
Lynn continued.  "It also has a number of other features, including voter
demographic segmentation, that I am confident will stand up well against any
paid package."

"My goal is to level the playing field," said Lynn.  "Elections have become
big business in Pennsylvania, and I want to assist candidates, especially
new candidates, of any party, in gaining the advantages of entrenched

According to Commonwealth FTP files downloaded and analyzed by Lynn,
$229,723,476.83 in cash and in-kind contributions were reported to the
Pennsylvania Department of State in 2010.  $282,718,119.31 was reported
spent during that same period.

DAL Services, Inc. is a Commonwealth-approved vendor of campaign finance

On the web: PPCM -
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