Thursday, September 01, 2011

Fw: [PURE Reform] New comment on How we got where we are Part XIX (June2008).

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Subject: [PURE Reform] New comment on How we got where we are Part XIX (June 2008).

Old Timer has left a new comment on the post "How we got where we are Part XIX (June 2008)":

Mr.Moss was one of four teachers who won slots with the PFT--against all odds and against the "slate" choices of Tarka's gang.

They won and represent a mandate from teachers....and Tarka's response has been to try and mute them at all turns.

Dirty. This is a dirty union.

If we say that those making choice in government--indeed, within school boards and administrations--are corrupt, then you would have to put PFT leadership even lower than that.

Ethically bankrupt.

Any teacher who does not vote this do-nothing, capitulating, cowardly leadership OUT this year truly IS a fool.

I only hope a new president like Mark Sammartino can clean house and amend "bylaws" that do nothing but insure that they are untouchable.

Each teacher pays $800 in union dues. You might as well call that theft.

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Posted by Old Timer to PURE Reform at September 1, 2011 5:44 AM

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