Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Debate - Q by Q - from WTAE online video

Pittsburgh's Mayoral Candidates Debate At WTAE-TV - Politics News Story - WTAE Pittsburgh: "WTAE-TV Channel 4 hosted Pittsburgh's first debate Monday night among the registered candidates in the upcoming Democratic mayoral primary."
It is hard for me to watch debates.

First, a cooling off period, a personal habit of mine when things are so screwed up. might be necessary before I post. Second, I'm not of the D party, so I don't get to vote in the closed, D-party election in May. As a Libertarian, my vote comes in the general election. Third, I do have a voice, opinions and some resources, including this blog. Fourth, it is hard for me to watch the debates with local officials and NOT take the role of being a participant. What I would say and do comes first. Others can try to coach Patrick and Carmen and be a big-brother to Luke. I cheer for good replies, but generally, I'm trying to wedge my observations into the discussions. And, my views are unlike what I generally hear from the status quo politicians.

Just to be clear, I'm not running for mayor in 2009. But, I also know that our city is in a big mess -- still -- as it was in 2001 when I did run for mayor.

Luke: I'm not sure what Patrick is referencing (as to the condition of the long-term health of the city).

I think it is called the five year plan. It is a blasted shame the mayor is unsure of the city's finances with respect to its long view. And, it is worse that there isn't a published five year or ten year plan and vision of the city. Luke's uncertainty and Luke's guarantee insures that nothing concrete is available from the administration.

The mayor's slogan of getting it done is accurate only in the past tense. They've done what they've done and drive without a good view of the future. Looking forward must not be a part of getting it done. Uncertainty looms large for our future. Luke dwels on done-ness. We need a mayor to act in a way today so that our kids have better opportunities at home in the future.

Luke: Don't take my word for it, (being proud as to the financial condition of the city). We have an Act 47 team that approves the budget every year. We have an Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority that approves the budget every year. We continue to receive accolades from them about the strong financial management of this city. Don't take my word for it. Look at our third party verification.

Rauterkus: His third-party verification is subjugation. How does slavery feel for you Mayor? The overlords (ICA and Act 47 team) are not a feature -- they are a pox on this city and the American system of self-determination. The overlords have no intention of departing because the mayor has given them no reason to do so. There is no confidence in this city -- that's why his "third party verifiers" are parked here -- to watch city hall -- because the citizens have been robbed time and time again from (* wild card * ) one-party rule, the Democrats, the cronies, clueless appointees.

The overlords are expensive suits that drain the city without accountability. The citizens of Pittsburgh never get to vote for the overlords, nor authority board members for that matter. These 3rd party verifiers are the masters, and the mayor is with a vision that includes overlords to the right and left -- like a bike with training wheels.

Then I'd pull out a training wheel and put in on the table.

The training wheels on a bike don't verify smooth ridership, really.

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To be continued.

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